Ubuntu Linux

Squid conf file: Main Configuration file of Ubuntu Squid Proxy Server

The squid.conf file is the main configuration file of the Squid Server in Ubuntu. The configuration file is located at /etc/squid/ directory.

How to Check Ubuntu Version in Command Line

Learn how to check Ubuntu version from the command line using the lsb_release and get kernel version with uname command.

How to Restart Nginx Web Server On Ubuntu/CentOS

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to restart Nginx Web server on Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7 and Fedora.

Most of the Linux distributions now use systemctl command to manage services, this includes Ubuntu, CentOS 7, RedHat 7, Fedora and Debian Linux.

How to Install Brackets Text Editor on Ubuntu Desktop

In This tutorial we are going to Learn how to install Brackets text editor on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04. Brackets is a Open source Text editor developed by adobe and very good advanced Text text editor for Ubuntu Desktop.

How to Install Webmin on Ubuntu Server

Webmin is an open source Web-based system administration tool for Linux systems. Webmin is an easy to use and because it is web based, Webmin can be used to control your Ubuntu server remotely from any computer running a browser.

How to Install WebStorm JavaScript IDE on Ubuntu

WebStorm is a powerful JavaScript IDE, designed for client-side development and server-side development with Node.js. WebStorm support JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Node.js.

Install MongoDB Latest Version on Ubuntu Server

MongoDB for Ubuntu available from the official Ubuntu package repository. But we can install More Up to date latest MongoDB package provides by the official MongoDB developers.

Install Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu with PPA Repository

Sublime 3 is a great text editor we can use with lots of different programming languages. Sublime Text 3 is the latest version of the text editor Sublime Text.

Ubuntu sshd_config File: Main Configuration file of Ubuntu SSH Server

The sshd_config file is the main configuration file of the Ubuntu SSH Server. Location of the Ubuntu ssh main configuration file is ‘/etc/ssh/’ directory.

Main Configuration file of Ubuntu VSFTPD Server vsftpd.conf

The main configuration file of the Ubuntu VSFTPD Server is “vsftpd.conf” file. The “vsftpd.conf” file is located inside the
“/etc” Directory.

How to Install Atom Editor on Ubuntu

Learn How to Install Atom Text Editor on Ubuntu Desktop.

To install atom editor first we need to install gdebi-core package on Ubuntu. Then we install atom with gdebi command.

How to Install vsftpd on Ubuntu Server

To configure Ubuntu as a FTP Server, we need to install FTP server package. The Very Secure FTP Daemon (vsftpd) is the most popular FTP server package that comes with most Linux distributions.

Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Ubuntu Virtual Machine

VirtualBox Guest Additions needs to be installed once the Ubuntu VM is installed. The Guest Additions contain device drivers and applications that optimize the performance of the Ubuntu Virtual Machine.

Ubuntu Root Password: Set password for the Ubuntu root user

During the Installation most Linux distributions will ask to create a password for the root user. However, Ubuntu will not ask for the root password during the installation. Instead, Ubuntu creates a regular user with sudo privileges.

Default Ubuntu Apache Main Configuration File apache2.conf

The apache2.conf file is the Main configuration file of the Ubuntu Apache HTTPD Web Server. Location of the Ubuntu apache2.conf file is /etc/apache2 directory.